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  • Missed Team Event (Unexcused absence)
    • Miss a quarter of a game for each unexcused absence.
  • **Exception**  Players are allowed 3 unexcused absences throughout the season if they get approval from the head coach 24 hours or more in advance to missing.  These 3 days are above and beyond any excused absences listed below.

  • Inappropriate Behavior - at the discretion of the coach(es) and/or Athletic Director.
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct - at the discretion of the coach.
  • Ejection
    • Minimum remainder of the game, plus and additional game (league policy). 
    • Additional consequences possible.
  • Fighting - Will be dealt with harshly and the discretion of the coach and/or Athletic Director

  • Excused Practice Absences - If there is an excused absence, the player's coach must receive an at least 24 hours in advance, and ASAP in the case of illness.
    • School events (ie. choir or band concert)
    • Funerals
    • Religion obligations
    • Extreme illness
  • Unexcused Practice Absences
    • Homework
    • Other sport/team practices
    • Work
    • Other events that could be rescheduled around practice or games
  • Being "Benched"
    • If you are “benched” for disciplinary reasons you are still expected to attend all games and scrimmages, and positively support your teammates.