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In the spring when players register for the season they pay a fee to the school, last year this fee was $215 per player.  This fee cover things such a set number of coaches, transportation, league fees, referees, etc.  Essentially these fees cover the baseline costs of fielding teams.

In addition to these costs there are a number of items that are not covered by the registration fees.  This includes items such as uniforms, additional coaches (second 9/10 team coach for example), coaches gear, video game analysis, team website, events (such as senior night, teacher appreciation and season ending banquet) along with other smaller costs that are incurred in running a program.

In order to cover these additional costs we ask that each player help raise funds.  We offer a number of events throughout the year for players to participate in to help raise these funds.  For the 2018 season we have set a goal for each player to raise $150 dollars, which is a reduction from the $175 per player goal in prior years.  If people would prefer, they could write a check for the full amount and it would be considered a tax deductible donation to a 501(c)(3) organization.  Below is a listing of the events that we are making available to individuals this year to assist in their fund raising efforts.

  • Heggie’s Pizza sale
    • Completed for 2018 Season
  • Grocery bagging at Cub Foods
    • Scheduled for November 18, 2018
    • Total donations received split between volunteers
  • Park Clean up
    • May 12, 2018
    • Option to request donations for the event
  • MYAS Basketball tournaments
    • Various tournaments throughout year.
    • No lacrosse “owner” tournament, but will communicate if openings are available for various dates
    • Amounts are split evenly between all volunteers.  Last year averaged $13/hour.
  • Music Fest
    • Players will be able to sell tickets that will apply to their individual fundraising accounts.  A communication will go out when tickets are available to pick up (optional).  Tickets available April/May. 
      • $40/both nights
      • Able to sell until July 8
    • Online purchase option also available, but there is a $5 service fee/ticket (online only)

These are the events that we have currently planned.  We are open to other options, but most likely these will require someone outside of the board to drive the effort.  If you have other options or if you would like to know where your fundraising balance currently stands please send an e-mail to plmanupclub@hotmail.com.