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Volunteer and Sponsorship Opportunities

Prior Lake Lacrosse maintains a level of standards that pushes our young men to strive for excellence.  

This level of commitment by our student athletes is also met with the same vigor and support from our 

parents, coaches, booster club members, and community.


Prior Lake Lacrosse provides opportunities through the year to develop individually and as a team.  

Activities such as Summer, Fall, and Winter Leagues, Captains Practices are just a few ways we continue 

to provide programming.


Each year our players are encouraged to raise additional funds outside of the fees charged from the HS 

activity office.  These funds are then used for additional items required for lacrosse that are 

not funded through our school district.  Each player has an annual goal to raise $175 through various fundraising opportunities.

Annual fundraising dollars are to be used for one family during a single budget year.  A budget year begins the day after

a season ends and runs until the end of the following season.


We will be providing opportunities through the year for your player to reach their goal.  

Opportunities such as: 

MYAS Basketball tournaments 

Bagging Groceries at one of our local grocery stores 

Pancake Breakfast 

Prior Lake/Savage Spring Park Clean-up

As these opportunities arise we will let everyone know via Website, email, twitter, and Facebook.


Poster Sponsorship

If you have a local business or perhaps work for a company that would like their name recognition 

involved with Prior Lake Lacrosse….let us know!   Poster Sponsor ship is only $250.

Contact Jim Collins - 612-770-1471 or